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Staff Assembly Professional Development Sponsorship Program

Staff Assembly Professional Development Sponsorship Program Application

Next Submission Deadline: May 1st, 2024 (Applications are reviewed on a rolling monthly basis)

Application may continue to be submitted for the next review cycle, deadline date to be determined.

Program Description

The Staff Assembly Professional Development Sponsorship Program is created to encourage, sponsor and support staff in seeking professional opportunities that may be related to their current role and responsibilities or related to an area of growth that they are seeking to obtain as part of their career trajectory. Applications will be available throughout the fall and spring semester of a fiscal year and should be submitted in advance of attending or participating in a program. Awards may be used to covers the cost of registration fees, conferences, travel, training, and other university approved expenses (Travel and Expense Management Policies). The number of awards offered, and the amount given will be determined based on the available funds each fiscal year.


The Staff Assembly Professional Development Sponsorship Program will be overseen and administered by the Staff Assembly Board. The Finance Officer and Finance Officer Elect will serve as co-Chairs of the selection committee and are responsible for bringing to the board completed applications for review, selection, and award. External members, as determined by the co-chairs, may also be incorporated into the selection process to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion. Applicants are encouraged to apply in advance of any development opportunity to give the selection committee time to review applications for sponsorship and availability of funding.


Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements to receive a sponsorship of reimbursement:

  • Be a UC Merced
    • Career non-represented or represented staff member (past probationary period of employment status)
    • Contract non-represented or represented staff with a least 6 continuous months of employment prior to submission 
  • Applicant must be in good standing (not in the process of corrective action).
  • Staff member must participate in the program stated on the application while concurrently employed at the University of California, Merced.
  • To allow as many staff as possible to participate, applicants may only receive one award in any twelve-month period.
  • Applicants may not receive both the Staff Assembly Sponsorship and the Staff Assembly Scholarship in any twelve-month period.


Elements of the Application

  • Biographical information (name, employee ID, contact information, etc.)
  • Description of the professional development program (including links to the program, dates, and estimated cost)
  • Statement of purpose (max of 500 words/5,000 characters)
  • Financial need statement (max of 500 words/5,000 characters)
  • Optional: Statement of Support from department/supervisor


Sponsorship Awards

  • Number and amount of sponsorship awards will vary depending on the amount of funding available in the current fiscal year.
  • The amount of any sponsorship is at the final discretion of the Staff Assembly Executive Board.
  • All awards will be provided as a reimbursement paid upon submission of course receipt. Scholarship recipients will be responsible for submitting all necessary receipts and forms to Staff Assembly within 45 days of the listed purchase date. Please note that expense reports submitted more than 60 days after the listed purchase date/trip end date on any receipts will be subject to applicable payroll taxes, per UC policy.


Reimbursements may be used for:

  • Courses/tuition/registration fee for required certification(s).
  • Registration fees for seminars, conferences, or workshops.
  • Books and materials for career development (as required by selected course/workshop etc.).
  • Travel expenses as identified by University Policy – (G-28 Travel Reimbursement)  



  • Upon completion of the development program, recipients of the sponsorship will be required to do one of the following:
    • Submit a report of professional impact and learned outcomes or
    • Present to Staff Assembly of professional impact and learned outcomes