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Scoring and Ranking / Conflict of Interest Statement

Score Ranking

Applicant responses will be reviewed using the following 0-4 points scoring rubric;
(0) Point rating means applicant did not answer the question
(1) Point rating means answer was not fully articulated/did not provide adequate response
(2) Point rating means answered question completely
(3) Point rating means answered question very well and provided thoughtful response
(4) Point rating means answered question exceptionally well and provided compelling/inspirational response

Selection Minimum Threshold

Dependent on the number of committee members, the calculation for the minimum threshold for an application to be considered for an award is calculated as:

Number of Committee members * 2 (score given for answering the questions completely) * Number of Questions

Ex: 5 committee member * 2* 3 question = score of 30

                                Min Threshold is 30 for this round of review

Meeting the minimum does not guarantee that the applicant will be awarded. The number of awards and how much the award is, will be decided by the committee, led by the Co-Chairs (Staff Assembly Finance Office and Finance Officer Elect) and approval of the Staff Assembly Board.

Conflict of Interest

Committee reviewers must be able to make independent recommendations regarding scholarship or professional development opportunity funds without potential or perceived influence caused by a conflict of interest, or even the appearance of a conflict of interest (e.g., when the action of a donor/committee member results in a direct financial benefit to a person closely related to the donor/committee member). They must evaluate the eligibility of applicants without bias and make selection recommendations based on the established objective criteria for the program an applicant has applied.

  • If an applicant (or his/her family) has a financial relationship with a member of the selection committee, that committee member must declare a conflict of interest, withdraw from the meeting until discussion of that applicant has been completed, and refrain from voting on that applicant.
  • Applicants must be evaluated based on fair and equitable criteria established prior to the review process.
  • No member of the scholarship selection committee shall be eligible to apply for assistance from the scholarship fund.
  • If a relative of a member of the scholarship selection committee has applied for assistance, that committee member must declare a conflict of interest and will not partake during the review and selection process for that particular awarding cycle.