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Service Awards

University of California campuses bestow staff service awards on an ongoing basis. Dates of service for these awards are calculated at the end of each calendar year. Records for staff service are maintained by UC Merced Human Resources.

UC Merced service is recognized with a Crystal Award engraved with the recipient’s name and the corresponding crystal piece matching their service credit year (in 5 year increments).

Each year, Divisions host a ceremony to recognize professional staff who have reached their five-year service milestones.

UC Merced recognizes employees who reach a 5-year milestone based on Employment Service Credit as of December 31st.

Employment Service Credit is earned when employees work at a University of California campus at 50% time or more and excludes periods of leave without pay. For purposes of recognition, the Service Awards program recognizes employees who worked in a staff (not student or academic) position at 50% time or more.Employees can verify their Employment Service Credit by logging in to UCPath and navigating to Employee Actions > Leave Balances.

Please note, retirement service credit is separate and distinct from employment service credit. Please read about the differences here and contact RASC if you have questions related to retirement service credit.