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2014 Awards

Outstanding Customer Service and Job Performance

Rosemary Braden

Help Desk Consultant, Office of Information Technology

For eight and a half years, Rosemary has worked as one of our main IT Help Desk consultants, fielding numerous calls and emails from staff students and faculty who are in need of computing assistance.  She has helped thousands of UC Merced clients configure email, retrieve passwords, install programs, fix computers, and remain calm during service outages.  In the words of her colleagues, “Not only does Rosemary perform these duties, but she also does so with enthusiasm and passion, providing excellent customer service to all who need her help.  No matter the situation, Rosemary is always committed to providing and creating a better environment to further UC Merced’s mission of education, research, and community improvement.

Creativity Award

Kaitlin Harada

Employer Relations & Internship Coordinator, Center for Career and Professional Advancement

As an Employer Relations & Internship Coordinator for Kaitlin has had a large impact on her office’s departmental goals, increasing productivity while employer activity in her office has greatly increased.  Kaitlin has created a trusting team environment across internal and externally facing campus units and local, regional, and national employers.  Creating a responsive team requires exemplary creativity and through her efforts, Kaitlin has made a marked impact on the process, work flow, department, and unit functions.


Kari Mansager

Director of the Violence Prevention Program, Office of Public Safety

As Director of the Violence Prevention program, Kari is serving our campus community in unique ways.  Through the establishment of programs involving outreach, education, response training, and reporting structures and policies, Kari has created a model of Title IX responsiveness that not only exceeds the incoming requirements of the US Government, but also is peerless within the UC system.  Her work with local elected offices, law enforcement agencies, and medical centers has also refined and provided needed reform to sexual assault survivor support systems not only on campus but throughout the County.  Kari’s work not only reflects well on herself and her abilities to lead a team of hardworking individuals, but also shows how UC Merced can be a force for positive change and innovation in our community.

Organization and Leadership Award

Paul Edward Roberts

Graduate Academic Specialist, School of Natural Sciences

Through his role as a Graduate Academic Specialist, Paul Roberts has had a profound impact on the way TA hires and assignments are tracked, delegated, and assigned in the School of Natural Sciences.  This requires significant organization, and these skills are most evident in Paul’s efforts to standardize TA hiring practices and reduce perceived irregularities and ambiguities in hiring practices within the school.  With over 300 TA hires each year, this is no small task.  Due to Paul’s efforts, the entire hiring process and policies will be consistent, straight-forward, and most importantly, transparent for all parties involved by the fall of 2014.  This organization has untold benefits for the office going forward and his colleagues write that they hope to leverage Paul’s unique skill set for a long time to come.