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Campuswide Committee Representative Appointment Agreement

In support of Staff Assembly's mission to participate in decision-making on issues and matters of interest to staff, it is anticipated that the Staff Assembly representative will understand the following guidelines and agree to adhere to them.

  1. I understand that I represent Staff Assembly, and the interests of staff are my priorities in association with this committee.
  2. I understand that I must attend the next scheduled Staff Assembly meeting following a meeting of the committee I am serving on.  If I am unable to attend the next scheduled Staff Assembly meeting, I will provide a brief summary and/or notes of the relevant committee meeting via the Vice President of Staff Assembly.  (Note: General Board meetings are held every third Monday of each month from 12:00pm-1:00pm)
  3. I agree to consult with and inform the Executive Board (via the President) if there are matters, issues, concerns, or problems that are of concern to staff being discussed on the committee.
  4. I agree to send copies of the agenda and minutes to the Executive Board (via the President) for each meeting, or as often as they are shared with the committee, and in a timely manner (i.e. agendas being shared before meeting dates).
  5. If I cannot attend a committee meeting, I agree that, if at all possible I will contact the Executive Board (via the President) and Committee Chair to communicate this absence at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting. The Executive Board will attempt to contact a suitable Staff Assembly member to attend in my place.
  6. I understand that the term of this appointment is one year. At the end of the one year appointment, I can request to continue serving on this committee.
  • a. Exception can be allowed only when a two year term is required by the committee.

I have read and understand the above, and will adhere to the best of my abilities to the guidelines stated.


Campuswide Committee Representative Appointment Guidelines

Campuswide Committee Representative Selection Process:

As opportunities to represent staff on a campuswide committee are made known to the Executive Board, either by the conclusion of a term of a previous representative or by the receipt of a request for nomination of a staff representative to serve on a campuswide committee, the Executive Board will announce a request for nominations for the open position. The request for nominations should include committee name, charge, composition, appointment term, and meeting frequency.

Members interested serving on a campuswide committee should submit their name and a brief statement of interest in regard to serving on this committee. The Executive Board will review the submissions and select, via vote of the Executive Board, an eligible Staff Assembly member. The Executive Board will then forward on the name and statement to the Committee Chair for final confirmation. The final conferral process resides solely with the committee, and the committee has the option to reject the Executive Board’s nomination and request an alternate candidate. All candidates will be notified of the committee’s final selection.

No Staff Assembly member may serve on more than one campuswide committee. Exceptions will be made by the Executive Board. Executive Board members are not excluded from serving on a campuswide committee.

PDF format for printing: committee_agreement_letter_example.pdf