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CUCSA - Council of UC Staff Assemblies

CUCSA Mission

In support of the mission of the University of California, it is the purpose of the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) to maintain and enhance communication within the University Community on matters of interest to staff employees in accordance with California laws and Regent policy.
The constituency of the Council is understood to be staff employees of the University of California. The Council is involved in matters of interest and concern to those who are not exclusively represented and may address matters not within the scope of representation for those exclusively represented.  CUCSA works to address staff issues and promote better conditions for everyone across the entire UC system.  CUCSA is comprised of two delegates from each of the UC campuses. They meet once per quarter at a different campus to discuss and address staff issues.

UC Merced Delegates


UC Merced Staff Assembly
President and Vice President
serve as the CUCSA delegates.

Senior Delegate:President
Katie Unruh

Junior Delegate: Vice President
Joe Wilensky

CUCSA Resources



CUCSA Website