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Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion

Representative: Diane Caton

Appointment Start Date:  1/27/2020

Appointment End Date:  8/31/2021

Charge: Cultivate an inclusive environment where all faculty, staff and student contributions can be highly regarded;

  • Champion innovative approaches to addressing concerns that result in action and foster a climate that unites faculty, staff and students in shaping an inclusive learning, working and living environment;
  • Encourage a process where everyone is recognized for their service to the campus community;
  • Honor the diversity of the campus community and ensure that distinct voices and viewpoints are heard and woven into the fabric of our rich institution, and
  • Advise campus leaders and the campus community in developing and promoting data- and research-driven best practices to create a welcoming and inclusive environment.


Chancellor's Advisory Committee on the Status of Women
Representative: Vanessa Hauser
Term date: 9/1/19 - 8/31/20
Charge: The committee will be dedicated to improving conditions for women and gender equity on campus. The charge to the committee is: to identify and analyze issues relating to the status of women at UC Merced, including faculty, staff and students; to inform and educate the campus community about conditions that affect the status of women within the university; and to advise and make recommendations to the chancellor regarding policies and procedures that would improve conditions for women.


Child Care Advisory Council
Representative: Lorene Fisher
Term date: 9/1/19 – 8/31/20
Charge: Make recommendations regarding the program, services, functions, and other childcare related issues. This committee will provide technical expertise necessary to address issues regarding the quality and affordability of childcare, proposed changes in policy, and long-range planning for the center.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Grant Committee
Representative: Latasha Means
Term Date: 1/1/20 to 8/31/20
Charge: The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Grant ( proposal program seeks to create and sustain a campus environment in which all UC Merced faculty and staff members and students feel respected, included and valued.


Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee
Representative: Katherine Brown
Term date: 9/1/19 - 8/31/20
Charge: To assist the Vice Chancellor of Administration in the formulation of policies and procedures related to the overall transportation and parking program at UC Merced. This includes, but is not limited to, vehicles, bicycles, pedestrian traffic as well as the operations and services of the CatTracks and County transit systems; to provide a communication link between the users of the transportation programs and those responsible for providing such programs and enforcing the regulations governing them.


Police Advisory Board

Representative: Yesenia Curiel
Term date: 10/1/2019 – 8/31/20
Charge: The Police Advisory Board is an independent body that will make recommendations related to campus issues and concerns, community outreach programs, training, policy development and ways to help support the goals and initiatives of the UCM Police Department. The Police Advisory Board does not serve as a police review or accountability board and does not formally review specific police matters.