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Staff Emergency Fund

Staff Emergency Fund Application


UC Merced Staff Assembly and the Office of Equity, Justice, and Inclusive Excellence (EJIE) are collaborating to bring financial assistance to help staff members cope with unforeseen challenges and hardships. 

The Staff Emergency Fund program aims to help staff members cope with unforeseen challenges and hardships by providing qualifying individuals with financial assistance in Chevron/ Texaco gas, or Target gift cards.  The maximum amount of assistance is limited to a value of up to $75 per employee per calendar year (January 1 to December 31). 

Please note that this program is intended to help those in extraordinary circumstances and not as an augmentation to their regular salary.  Direct cash assistance is not provided through this program.  Applications will be reviewed every Thursday. 

Eligibility Requirement

Any UC Merced staff employee in the following appointment types are eligible to request assistance:

  1. Career non-represented staff
  2. Contract non-represented staff
  3. Career represented staff
  4. Partial Year Career represented staff
  5. Limited Represented staff 

To be eligible, the staff member must have completed the probationary period, and a valid employee identification number is required to complete the application. Employees in an appointment that does not serve a probationary period must be employed by the University for a minimum of 6 months at the time of application.

The following appointment types are not eligible to participate:

  1. Undergrad and Grad student employees
  2. Academic employees


Staff members applying for assistance from Staff Assembly and the Office of Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Excellence (EJIE) must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a UC Merced career appointment staff member who has completed the probationary period.
  • Must provide a valid employee identification number.
  • Must complete the entire application.
  • Funding will depend on the budget.

While all requests will be prioritized, priority may be provided to applicants who have not previously received assistance.


Application Review Process

·   Applications will be reviewed every Thursday.

·   Committee members will use the rubric to review each application within 24-48hrs.

·   Staff Assembly will process the gift cards.

·   The applicant will be notified and updated on the process.

·   Staff Assembly will monitor and track the applications.

·   Applications will be reviewed until the $1,000 is exhausted each year.



Consider Making a Donation to the Staff Emergency Fund

The Staff Emergency Fund exists to provide financial support to UC Merced staff members experiencing unforeseen challenges or hardships.  We invite staff to give towards this effort to help support fellow staff members in immediate need.  Staff Assembly will coordinate at least one fundraising event annually and collaborate with other campus partners to fundraise $1,000 each year.  Gifts of any size – big or small – collectively make an incredible impact on our ability to serve others.


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