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2008 Staff Excellence Award Winners

James Barnes
Coordinator of Learning Assistance and Orientation, Student Affairs

James has demonstrated his commitment to staff development as a true educational experience by building a multi-week series of training seminars. Rather than simply teach students how to perform the tasks of working at orientation, he demonstrates trust and respect for their intellect and develops them holistically. His staff’s admiration for him and their appreciation of his nurturing supervision are unmistakably exhibited through their professionalism and dedication to his high standards.



Frank Fimbrez
Supervising Locksmith, Facilities Management

Frank fully embraces his role in supporting the University mission, and his customer service ethic is one of the strongest at UC Merced. He also possesses uniquely positive and supportive people and leadership skills. Individuals and departments across the university frequently provide ringing endorsements of Frank and his outstanding service. He strives to give others the opportunity to thrive in their current position and persuades and encourages colleagues to seek advancement through training and seminars.


David Moore
Principal Budget Analyst, Budget Office

David's work ethic is second to none. The time and commitment he gives to the campus when collecting budget information for crucial Office of the President and Board of Regents meetings is remarkable. His understanding of the budget process from all levels assists in providing a budget picture to officials that is accurate and clearly illustrates the needs of the campus. Recently, he expressed an interest in reaching out into the community and representing the campus in community service. He is now a member of the Rotary Club in Merced.

Joy Parham
Management Services Officer, Library

Throughout her tenure, Joy has strived to improve all administrative procedures and processes. She consistently works calmly and professionally to find solutions that allow events to have the greatest impact yet also mitigates negative impact on our students. She has contributed significantly toward the goals of the University, the campus and the library.



Rose Salazar
Principal Analyst, Academic Personnel

Rose originated the idea to design a work process that would be streamlined and consistent. She implemented checks and balances to reduce errors and ensured well-balanced structures were instituted. She designed training materials and provided instruction to staff involved in the process. She continually seeks to improve herself and looks for new ways to help strengthen the University without any expectation of being recognized for her efforts. It is exactly these kinds of staff who we need to recognize.