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2023 Staff Excellence Award

2022 Staff Excellence Award Winners

Outstanding Customer Service - Jay Belhumeur

Staff Excellence Award in Organizational and Leadership Abilities - Erin Webb

Staff Excellence Award in Staff Engagement - Leticia Aldama

Staff Excellence People Management Award - Angela Dixon

Staff Excellence Award in Teamwork - Alyssa Conroy

Staff Excellence Award in Creativity - Angelica Guillen

Staff Excellence Award in Equity, Justice and Inclusive Excellence - Charah Coleman

From Left to Right: Angelica Guillen, Erin Webb, Charah Coleman, Angela Dixon, Alyssa Conroy, Leticia Aldama. Missing Jay Belhumeur


Congratulations to all of the nominees!

Please join us at the Staff Appreciation Week Kick-Off Breakfast & Awards Ceremony where we will announce the winners. 


2023 Staff Excellence Award Nominees


Angelica Guillen | Office of the Registrar

Danielle Dai'Re | ORED

Maria Mercado | SSHA

Robert Goodman | Office of Leadership, Service, and Career / School of Natural Sciences


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Excellence

Charah Coleman | Financial Aid and Scholarships

Christina Mayo-Hessler | School of Engineering

Jessica Duffy | Center of Institutional Effectiveness

Rhanda Rylant | Research Compliance & Integrity

Tamara Isaac Cooksey | CAPS


Organizational/Leadership Abilities

Alisha Kimble | Division of Undergraduate Education

Becky Smith | SSHA

Dulcemaria Garcia | Bright Success Center

Ehsan Choudhry | Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Erin Webb | Office of the Registrar

George Van Vleet | Facilities Management

Heidi Green | SSHA

Jennifer "Jen" Quiralte | Graduate Division

Jill Orcutt | Enrollment Management/Extension

Lisa Perry | Students First Center

Lucero Mascorro | FP&A / Student Affairs

Michelle Brinkop | Student Health

Rachel Maldonado | Payroll Services


People Management

Amber Flores | Philanthropy & Strategic Partnerships

Angela Dixon | SSHA

Angelica Guillen | Office of the Registrar

Ariel Harrison | Office of Research & Economic Development

Brian O'Bruba | Student Engagement

Cristyn Aquino | Payroll Services

Emily Bustos | Financial Systems Support (DFA)

Jovana Cruz | Facilities Management

Karla Gonzalez | School of Engineering

Leslie Teixeira-Porto | Office of Research and Economic Development

Marci Gordon | External Relations


Staff Engagement

Enrique Guzman | Office of Student Involvement

Joanna Wunker | Office of Information Technology

Julianna Ridge | Office of the Registrar

Leticia Aldama | Human Resources

Megan Topete | SSHA Student-Instructional Services

Yazmin Colin | SSHA Instructional Services



Alyssa Conroy | SSHA Instructional Services

Danny Feitel | RAD

Dulcemaria Garcia | Bright Success Center

Elias Vargas | Financial & Accounting Services

Genesis Flores Renteria | Office of the Registrar / Degree Completion Program (University Extension)

Heather French | Dean of Students/Student Affairs

Jose Serrano | Housing/Auxiliaries

Leann Nascimento | HSRI

Pa Vang | School of Engineering

Vanessa Woodruff | SSHA


Outstanding Customer Service

Alaika Louize Valera | Office of Student Involvement & Office of Social Justice Initiatives & Identity Programs

Allison Costa | Planning, Design & Construction Management

Amanda Khamo | SSHA

Andrea Tafolla | Community Engagement Center & Leadership Center

Angela Dixon | SSHA Instructional Services

Bob Ewald | Office of the Registrar

Casey Defino | SSHA Instructional Services

Cathy Simmons | Physical Operations, Planning & Development

Chou Xiong | ORED

Edson Gonzales | OIT

Ericka Garcia | SSHA

Jay Belhumeur | Office of Information Technology

Kisha Mcguire | Bright Success Center

Mekenna Hagerman | Library

Michael Torres | DFA - FP&A

Mohammad (Mike) Ebrahimi | SSHA

Nicole Fleming | Dining/Catering

Phung Colvin | School of Engineering

Randolph Encinas | Logistics Services

Sunni Nelson | Library

Tyler Grise | Facilities Management