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2017 Staff Excellence Award - Management - Viola Kinsman

Management - Viola Kinsman

Staff Excellence Award in the Category Management was awarded to Viola Kinsman.

  • According to her staff, this manager has all of the attributes that are wanted and needed in a great leader. She identified ways we could be more efficient and better serve the campus, showing her staff how to think more broadly about how to do things, rather than just doing it the way it’s always been done in the past. She strives toward continuous improvement. Her vast experience covers a variety of departments, giving her a knowledgeable perspective when questions arise.
  • Only giving direction where needed, her team feels supported with the right amount of freedom and independence to perform their jobs. A proponent of career development through continuous learning, she encourages her staff to attend as many applicable trainings and conferences as possible.
  • She makes conscious efforts to give positive feedback to her staff through e-mails and verbal communication when accomplishing a job-well-done. Her thoughtfulness and appreciation is great motivation. One of her best managerial qualities is that she is very good at communicating with her staff. This includes information sharing, and more importantly, communicating her expectations to staff in a respectful manner.
  • She is a quiet hero on our campus. Her professionalism, dedication, integrity, and thirst for knowledge garner her staff’s respect and admiration.