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Staff Excellence Awards Guidelines

Staff Assembly of UC Merced is pleased to announce the 2017 Staff Citation of Excellence Award Program. The purpose of the Staff Excellence Awards program is to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding achievements and meritorious service. Up to six individuals will be honored this year and presented with the award at the annual fall Staff Convocation. Each recipient receives $500* (NOTE: career CX unit employees are the only represented employees eligible to receive the cash award at this time) and a crystal award. A perpetual plaque with the names of the award recipients is prominently displayed on campus.

NEW for 2017, Staff Assembly has added a category for managers. Staff Assembly will award one staff manager from eligible nominations received. Eligible nominations for the manager award must have a current manager payroll title (Career Tracks Manager classification), and must have been in the manager classification at least one year. SMG managers are not eligible for nomination. See Eligibility Requirements.


The Staff Excellence Awards will be awarded to one individual nominated in each of the following six categories. Individuals may be nominated to more than one category of award, but no person may win more than one award in the same year. 

Award Criteria

Outstanding Customer Service and Job Performance

  • Demonstrated and sustained outstanding performance that consistently exceeds goals and job expectations in quantity and quality, resulting in significant achievement or significant impact upon UC Merced


  • One-time innovation or creation resulting in a significant impact on process, work flow, or department and/or unit function. This may be either reflected in efficiency gains, increased work product or morale improvements in the department/unit


  • Acting as an exceptionally effective and cooperative member of a team dedicated to making positive change
  • Demonstrating superior interactions and a positive influence on managers, peers, supervisors, subordinates and the university community

Organizational/ Leadership Abilities

  • Demonstrated extraordinary leadership resulting in the accomplishment of significant goals or objectives that serve the good of UC Merced
  • Significant UC Merced community/departmental improvement or significant project management

Community Involvement and Public Service

  • Honor a UC Merced staff member who exemplifies community service in a capacity outside of their usual work assignment 
  • Personal investment and contributions made in local communities, as well as providing inspiration as a role model to encourage others to also engage in community service
  • Excellence and extraordinary commitment in community service activities


  • Demonstrates positive attitude
  • Manages with respect, transparency, honesty, and accountability
  • Manages and mediates with warmth and competence – effectively listens, questions, facilitates, and directs
  • Motivates with positive feedback and recognition
  • Promotes cross-level and cross-functional collaboration
  • Encourages innovative risk-taking by employees
  • Effective decision maker
  • Manages/leads by personal positive example
  • Demonstrates supportive employee career development

* subject to tax


  • Nominees must be Professional and Support Staff (PSS) members, or Managers and Senior Professional Manager (MSP) members who are not in a Career Tracks “Manager” classification.  Nominees may be non-represented or represented (NOTE: career CX unit employees are the only represented employees eligible to receive the cash award at this time).
  • Members of the Managers and Senior Professional (MSP) group who are in a Career Tracks Manager classification, Senior Management Group (SMG) programs, academics, and student employees are not eligible to be nominated for the following award categories: Outstanding Customer Service and Job PerformanceCreativity,TeamworkOrganizational/Leadership Abilities, and Community Involvement and Public Service. However, they are strongly encouraged to nominate PSS OR Non-Manager MSP employees.
  • Eligible nominations for the Manager award must have a current Manager payroll title (Career Tracks Manager classification), and must have been in the manager classification a minimum of one year.  SMG managers are not eligible for nomination.
  • All eligible Nominees must have a minimum of one year of UC Merced employment by the nomination deadline date of April 13, 2017.
  • All Nominations must include the Statement of Nomination and a Statement of Endorsement. Nominations without both statements submitted by Noon April 13, 2017, will not be considered for eligibility.
  • Nominees are not eligible for the same award if they received an award in that category within a three-year period. For example, if someone won an award in 2014 for Teamwork, they would not be eligible again until 2018 for a Teamwork award, but would be eligible for any of the other categories.

Submission Requirements

  • A principal nominator and one endorser are required for each nomination submitted for eligibility consideration.
  • Each nomination submission must include an award category selection that the candidate is being nominated for.
  • An individual may serve as a principal nominator for only one nomination; however, a principal nominator may endorse one other nomination.
  • All multiple nominations submitted by a single principal nominator will be invalidated.
  • Nominations of family members or relatives will not be allowed.
  • Submitted materials will not be returned.
  • The Part 1: Statement of Nomination narrative from the principal nominator must not exceed 500 words.
  • The Part 2: Statement of Endorsement narrative must not exceed 100 words.
  • Supplemental materials will not be considered.


  • Forms can be completed and submitted online only via the SEA Nomination Form.  If you have any questions about or need assistance with the online form, contact David Ellington OR Jennifer Angel.  
  • Submissions must be received electronically by April 13, 2017, at Noon. Late submissions will be invalidated.
  • Info: Staff Assembly.

Review Committee (Judges)

  • The Review Committee consists of 5 to 7 members, including a previous award recipient, one to two faculty members, an academic staff member, an administrative staff member, and a member of the Executive Board of Staff Assembly (typically the Past-President).
  • The Review Committee is proposed by the Staff Excellence Awards Committee and confirmed by the Staff Assembly Executive Board.
  • The Review Committee will evaluate all eligible nominations submitted and determine the award recipient in each of the Six categories.
  • Review Committee members are barred from submitting nominations or endorsing a nominee and cannot vote for a family member or relative.

*Subject to tax withholding