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2017 Staff Excellence Award - Teamwork - Eric Cannon

Teamwork - Eric Cannon

Staff Excellence Award in the Category of Teamwork goes to Graduate Student Support Manager in the Graduate Division, Eric Cannon.

  • This staff member demonstrates excellence in his collaborations both through his work as well as his infectious, positive, can-do-attitude. He collaborates with a team of faculty, graduate group coordinators, budget offices in the schools, Student Business Services, the Development Office, Financial Aid and external funding agencies to provide over $5 million in annual funding support to our graduate community.
  • His responsibilities include managing a portfolio of over 50 active fellowships that each come with their own rules and policies; coordinating the month to month appointment and re-appointment of Graduate Student Researchers with faculty and academic school staff; and most importantly, ensuring that graduate students (97% of which are funded at UC Merced) get paid on time, every month.
  • All of this requires him to work through the best ways of building partnerships with various offices and individuals in key positions so that student funding moves along smoothly. Like a good gymnast, it looks effortless but there is a huge amount of work behind the scenes.
  • He reminds me every day, through his actions, that our mission as staff members at UC Merced is to serve our students. He is a great example of an individual with the skills to lead a comprehensive team of professionals and the character to inspire others