As an employee of UC Merced, you have a wealth of resources at your disposal.
Staff perks include special events
Staff Appreciation Week 2017 kicked off May 16 with the annual staff breakfast.
The 2016-17 Staff Assembly Board with AVC HR Brian Powell
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Staff Assembly meets on the third Monday of the month and rotates meeting locations between campus, Castle, Mondo and Promenade.
UC Merced Mondo Building, located downtown

Executive Board 2017-18

2017-18 Staff Assembly Executive Board

UC Merced’s 2017-2018 Staff Assembly Executive Board includes:

  • Interim President: De Acker
  • Past-President: Pam Taylor
  • Vice President: Jeff Porto Jr.
  • Secretary: Melissa Tessier
  • Finance Officer: Donna Birch Trahan
  • Finance Officer-Elect: Tonya Kubo
  • Co-Chair for Programs and Events: Melanie Cooper and Jay Lomeli
  • Co-Chairs for Fundraising: Priya Lakireddy and Penny Paxton
  • Co-Chairs for Communications: Judy Marks and Mort Peyvandi


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